• Reduce the number of Seattlites experiencing homelessness
  • Reduce gridlock through improving transit
  • Creating more affordable housing in the city
  • All policies must be viewed through the lenses of climate change and race & equity
  • Read more about my policies here 

Who serves on the the Seattle @SeattleCouncil is really important, here's why: https://t.co/VbJLg1IYkv

Excellent, user friendly bus service is the quickest way to move people around our city, check out this animation: https://t.co/6yh15cej6K

Buses are the fastest and cheapest way to reduce gridlock and emissions

Visit https://t.co/IWkuAWJEjU to learn more about the policies I'm proposing to help us build a more livable, more equitable and greener city

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